Web-design & Development

The Challenge

“Inspired by nature” was the keynote of the online vending machine shop L.Vend. We had to create a stylish and engaging e-commerce platform, that would analyze the clients’ tastes in coffee and offer them the products based on that data.


The Solution

We followed the motto “Inspired by Nature” when were creating the design. We used natural colors and shapes, and antiqua typefaces to underline the natural origin and noble history of the vending machines as well as to give the visitors the sence of belonging to a distingueshed community.
Backend is carried our on Joomla (JoomShop). This platform was selected because of its customization capabilities and good performance.


Online Shop

E-commerce functionality was carried out on Joomla. Each item has a detaild description, and the catalog is supplied with a filter.


Project Results

This site takes the users to a journey to the world of coffee, where they can learn about history of coffee and buy a vending machine or two with great pleasure, and for sure they will come the site again.

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