What we do

We carry out web and mobile software projects using contemporary technologies and basing on modern design trends.


Custom software development

We dive deeply into the client`s needs as well as comprehensively research the market to make the proper product that will help the clients reach their goals. Our proven experience is a guarantee for the projects best look, performance, and delivery.


Discovery and Estimation

We discover the clients needs and goals, pains and strengths, and research the niche. Based on the data collected we form the concept the solution that will fulfil all the client`s requests within a reasonable cost.



When the concept of the project is agreed, we draw user experience and come up with a visual solution, done under brand guidelines and modern design trends.



Our development processes are cost-efficient and resource-effective. We choose the methodology that would be comfortable for the team and the client and, as the result, will bring the best outcomes.


Quality Assurance

We do pay attention to the results that we bring, therefore each part of the code goes through exhaustive series of testing to ensure the best performance of the outcome.



We care about the client's time and apply strict time management strategies to cover all the client's needs described in the project within the agreed deadlines.


C Sharp
.NET Dotnet
MS Azure
Java Script
Amazon WS

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Recognized and Respected Experts

Our clients trust our expertise and approach. The rankings we are getting come from our care and devotion to the clients and their needs and perfect execution of the projects.

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we can partner together

For one-time needs that require a more agile approach—we work with your team on projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline. An ideal fit for companies that have ongoing design needs — we work with you to build out the deliverables needed to drive your marketing efforts.


Business & Corporate


Social media


Mobile & Apps

Landing Pages

A web page dedicated to a product or service that turns visitors into buyers.

from 800 USD

Corporate Websites

We’ll make your online presence looking ambitious and prestigious.

from 1 500 USD


Isn’t shopping at the other end of a metropolis with obscure, strange (possibly contagious) people exhausting? Our solution is for customers’ comfort in each click!

from 8 000 USD

Payment Gateways

Money rules the world - we will help rule over the money.

from 90 000 USD


Setting and support PPC campaigns

from 300 USD


Content and targeting

from 200 USD

Support of existing projects "Classic"

Backup - once per 3 days
Website Monitoring

from 250 USD

Support of existing projects "Updated"

Backup - once per 3 days
Website Monitoring + Development

from 400 USD

Unique web solutions

Did you come up with something soooooooo exciting that no one else has ever thought of? - let's discuss and dig deeper into your idea!