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CEO, IZZI Studio

Our team

Evolve, enjoy the process,
ensure quality, excel!

We are contemporary

Evolution of technologies challeges us not only to follow the trends in design and development but step ahead of them. We constantly improve our skills and boost performance of our projects, that makes us ready for any challenge even outside our current stack.

We love what we do

Each member of our team is a strong professional who is really fond of the role and activities, and devotes to the projects not only workhours but carries out his assignments with love and passion.

We love our clients

We love great and challenging projects! Therefore we are all in for going into long and fruitfull cooperations and ready to contribute our skills and resources for something that will make our client's heart beat faster and fall in love with our team!

We are your choice

Do you want to make an earthquake in your industry?
Or engage your audience and shine in their eyes?
Are you ready to kickass your competitors for real?

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Our team

“We enjoy working on hard and complex projects. This makes us work to improve our skills and think two steps ahead.”



Our team

“Having multiple projects in development is a kind of a challenge, but it's always cool to have to keep in mind each development team, track their progress and plan further actions.”


Project Manager

Our team

“I enjoy designing user experience for ambitious projects. This requires me to work out each detail and create its perfect appearance, but I really enjoy what comes out of it.”



Our team

“The projects we develop have a number of interfaces and each of them must load quickly, be responsive and be perfectly displayed on any screen. That really is a lot of work, but when the project comes to life, I feel proud to have been on the team that worked on it.”


WordPress/Front-End Developer

Our team

“Happy to being the member of IZZI Studio.”


Software Architect

Our team

"The gull sees farthest who flies highest."


Marketing Communication Manager

Our team

"For a long time it was a mystery to me how something very expensive and technological could be so useless. And soon I realized that a computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while programmers are smart people who have the talent to do incredible stupid things. In short, they found each other."


Frontend Developer